Beautiful America

I wrote a post on 9/11/13 talking about the different places I have been, how large and diverse our country really is, and I filled the post with photos from my personal collection, each taken in a different state I had traveled to. It went over really well, it seems, and it was suggested I make it a regular weekly thing, to put pictures up on Tuesdays.

I’m not a professional photographer. You’d laugh if you saw the camera I’ve taken most of these shots with. Some of them are old enough to have been developed as prints, then scanned into the computer, so their quality is not the best. I love taking pictures, though, and I’m excited to have an excuse to share some with you all.

I can’t always meet requests – for one thing, there are places I have not YET visited, like the Southwestern states of the US. But I asked on FB this morning, so here are some tree pictures, along with at least one cat photo! Oh, and Francis? I will do a whole post on Fall Color soon!

New Hampshire
A fall leaf on the trunk of a white pine tree. NH
Study in monotones
Chokecherry trees in a snowstorm. NH
Lake scene
A hemlock tree hangs over Hermit Lake, NH.
Tree with Attitude
Neil, you asked for a tree with Attitude!
Kitchenaid Cat
A cute cat picture for Leo… Cats are a liquid – they fill the container they are poured into!
Pheobe nest
Another cute picture… these phoebe chicks flew the nest withing two days of this picture being taken. They were remarkably calm around people, this was taken in our rabbitry, at a little more than head-height to the short author.
Lake Winnipesaukee
A panoramic, or stitched, shot of springtime in NH, looking over Lake Winnipesaukee.