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Review: Nocturnal Origins

nocturnal-interludenewI read Amanda S. Green’s Nocturnal Origins quite a while ago. And then Nocturnal Haunts, the novella bridge, and Nocturnal Serenade, the sequel novel. Why am I doing a long form review now? Well, because after much impatient waiting, Nocturnal Interlude is coming out! The third book in the series will be available for purchase this coming week, and although I can highly recommend it based on the first two, I can’t be sure you have read them.

I’m not, as you know, a huge fan of paranormal romances. But these books are a little of that. I’m also not a huge fan of werewolf stories – too overdone. But there are werewolves, and cat shifters (I always like cat shifters) and there’s the part that first drew me into these books. They are terrific police procedurals. On-point, doing it right, not working outside the law… well, ok, there’s the shifter part, but that’s part of the conflict. Our heroine, Mac Santos, must come to grips with her newly and painfully acquired knowledge that she isn’t fully human, but she is still all cop.


Mac’s fight to keep her sanity when even her own body is betraying her, to find out who did this to her, continues into the second book. She has come to grips with the shifting. She has a man in her life who understands, and accepts, and is like her. She’s found a whole new family in the shifter pride. But her mother had to have known what she was, and yet didn’t warn her. Mac isn’t happy… and neither is her mother. Only the arrival of Mac’s formidable grandmother (who may be my favorite character in the series, not that I don’t like and engage with the others. Just that Elena is special) promises to bring answers. Or maybe more complications.


Amanda has been posting snippets of Nocturnal Interlude on her blog, and it looks like it’s going to be every bit as much fun to read as the first two. Action, mystery, a dash of romance but not too much… I highly recommend them, and look forward to reading Interlude later this week.