Fraidy Friday

Ok, so I owe you all a book review. Well, I haven’t read anything this week. Ok, I lie. I did read, lots, but no whole books. School work had rolled over me like Hokusai’s Wave, and I opened the kindle a few times, read the opening chapter of Peter Grant’s Adapt and Overcome (good start!) and later in the week, the first chapter of Trickster Noir, as I sent it out to betas and I am trying to read it myself.

Otherwise… well, I read this, which was fascinating. This morning’s Mad Genius post by Dan Hoyt is hilarious.

This morning, I am headed out to Chem Lab, so if you hear an earth-shattering Kaboom! It wasn’t me. Honest.

Raku firebox
Just to be clear, chem lab this morning involves none of this.


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    1. It is a picture of fire, specifically of the fire box for a Roku kiln. I digitally altered parts of it, as I was playing with the idea of using part of it as cover art. It does look a lot like a Dragon, I just haven’t decided what to do with it!

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