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18 Influential Voices in Literature on the Internet

top5influencesSomeone put together a list of the 35 Writers who Run the Internet that had a bunch of us scratching our heads in puzzlement. We’d collectively heard of two or three of them, and most of us are very well read online, keeping up with the changes in the industry. So I challenged several disparate groups of people to nominate influential voices in literature. Who do we listen to?

I was looking for people who are respected, known for their positive contributions to discussions of writing and publishing, who nurture the current and rising generation of writers. I wasn’t looking necessarily for writers, but those who contribute to the internet’s depth of knowledge about good stories, and good writers.

Here’s the list, roughly ranked in order of number of times a name was suggested. I wound up dropping a few, who only received a self-nomination, or one vote, and I’m including links to blogs and sites so you can explore those who might be a new voice to you. Feel free to add in the comments, I don’t know if I’ll find time to update it, but later readers might be interested.

  1. Larry Correia
  2. Hugh Howey
  3. Sarah A. Hoyt
  4. JA Konrath
  5. Passive Voice
  6. Mad Genius Club
  7. John C. Wright
  8. Jerry Pournelle
  9. Baen Publishing (Toni Weisskopf)
  10. Brad Torgerson
  11. Kris Rusch
  12. Neil Gaiman
  13. Vox Day
  14. Mike Resnick
  15. Cory Doctorow
  16. Dean Wesley Smith
  17. Kevin J Anderson
  18. Laura Resnick

Runners-up include Chuck Wendig, Dorothy Grant, Ilona Andrews, Mike Caine, Daria Anne DiGiovanni, Patricia Wrede, William Gibson, Michelle Malkin, and Patrick Rothfuss (two self nominees were also in the comments, Stephanie Osborn and Misha Burnett).