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Saturday Morning Tabs

I’m doing a link round-up this morning, from what I have on my open tabs this fine morning. I’ll skip the Organic Chemistry homework, unless you really want me to demonstrate an aromaticity problem? No? Ok, then…

Mad Genius Club – You too can help us assemble the greatest hits of how-to publish, write, and promote! Take a look at what I’ve put together, and suggest more topics.

Two great SF personages, one nifty listening experience. Leonard Nimoy reading Ray Bradbury short stories.

Cat’s Tongue Cookies… a Portuguese specialty. Sarah Hoyt shared this with me, and I think I’ll make them today.

An insightful post by Kris Rusch on ‘getting by’ which applies to a lot more than writing. I keep having people tell me they are surprised at what I do with my life. I point you to this post and tell you, I never learned to just get by.

Adorable pictures of a fox playing with an unkindness of ravens, I am seriously thinking of using this as inspiration for a painting. When I find time.

And last but not least! The Baen Fantasy Contest is still open for submissions until April 1st (no joke!) and although I have no plans on entering this year, you can read my last year’s submission, The One-Eyed Dragon.

fox and ravens

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