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Kids Review: Fever and Gilly Hopkins

So today my kids gave me some super short and fun book reviews. I’ve written them down almost verbatim for your enjoyment. We often talk about what they are reading, and why they enjoy it, or what they learned. I reminded the Jr. Mad Scientist that she has seen the graves of Yellow Fever victims in the Sanbornton Town Cemetery.

Fever: 1793fever

Reviewed by the Jr. Mad Scientist, a 13 (not quite! 12!) yo girl.

Fever was really good, and I do suggest it, but not for the weak-hearted. If you can’t deal with blood, don’t read it. It describes people with the yellow fever, apparently they like vomit up blood. I sort of like the fact that part of the point of the book was this girl that had no power over her life basically got control over her own life after the yellow fever. Also, I like that they killed off main characters.

 The Great Gilly Hopkinsgreat gilly hopkins

Reviewed by the Little Man, a 9 yo boy. You can find his updated fun facts and science amusements here.

The Great Gilly Hopkins: This book is excellent and I believe that this book is for everyone who doesn’t live with their parents. It’s basically she’s a foster kid and she moves in with a person named Trotter who has lots of foster kids and she wants to move back with her mother so she tries to be really bad and steals money and stuff.

The Redhead gave me a terse “I really liked it.”review of The Elite, but then again, she’s 14. According to her, teenage girls are only a couple of notches above teenage boys.

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