No Time!

I’m on my out the door to the con again this morning. I will try for a full post later, in the meantime, enjoy this recipe, originally posted on April 20, 2006! That’s a blast from the past, all right. 


Three steps to feeling better when you have a cold. First, make sure your sink is shiny after breakfast, even though you feel awful. Second, take advantage of your husband being home to take a long, hot shower and then fall asleep on the couch while feeding the baby (the crick in your neck will be worth it!). Third, make an awesome seafood chowder to eat with your daughters. Why is it that two out of three won’t touch clam chowder, but they love this?

Seafood Chowder.

2 Tbsp butter
1/2 finely chopped onion
2-3 cloves of garlic, chopped.

sauté these in the bottom of your pan, not allowing them to brown.

Add in

5 medium potatoes (I used red skinned ones, which are lovely), diced
3 c water
3 tsp lobster base bouillon (I happened to have this. You could use chicken)

Allow to come to a boil, then add
1 c chopped clams, with their juice
a can of salmon, with juice
pepper to taste

put the lid on and let it simmer 15 to 20 minutes, until the potatoes are fork tender, then add

1 c half-and-half
1 c finely chopped kale leaf

Bring back to boil and remove from heat. Serve. Oyster crackers would be nice, but there isn’t a lot of broth. We like our soups thick.

Very comforting and yummy.

2 thoughts on “No Time!

  1. Hmm, I might have to try this one! I’ve got some kale to use up (I’ll leave out the potatoes, though, since we are trying to lose weight).

  2. BOOKS AND BREAD! I love the way they go together!

    Love your seafood chowder recipe. I like making seafood chowder; usually include canned clams (because I no longer live where I can dig them–mountain tops are not so good for that!)–never salmon because Ron doesn’t like it–and the following, if I have them: Frozen mixed seafood, canned shrimp; cooked bacon cut in small pieces; canned scallops; canned oysters (not smoked), canned mussels (Much of the canned seafood we find at our favorite discount grocery store; any combination is good. )Include juice of all these. And some milk.

    I make it thick; we don’t use crackers or “thickening,” just use lots of seafood and not a lot of liquid. Instead of adding butter to the pan of seafood (because it comes out uneven) I put a glob in each bowl and add the chowder. If someone prefers margarine *ugh* that way they can have it without spoiling everyone else’s chowder.

    Sometimes I sprinkle some sharp shredded cheddar cheese on top–either frozen or not frozen; they both work fine.

    Enjoy. (I think I’ll go make some seafood chowder!)


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