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Since I’m not yet working on a new project, there will be no snippeting for a while. Likely through the end of May, as school is taking all my brain right now. I’ll let you know when it gives that organ back… and in the meantime, I will try to find and supply you with some reading material.

This week, I’m offering up a short story and a whole archive of Pulp Magazines.

troll gatekeeper

The short was recommended to me after I’d make a joke about drawing a picture of a trolls guarding a gate, while someone just out of his sight slipped over the fence with a stile. The metaphor of the Gatekeepers of Tradpub works even better with the suggested image of the proud, lonely gate, the thuggish trolls… and the fence torn down and gone. People can just stroll right past, but don’t get too close to the trolls, their arms are long, and their spittle venomous.

So this is the story of how Trolls are afraid of cats. It’s short, funny, and would be a nifty fairy tale to fracture further.

pulp magazine bonanza

Not only is there reading to be had, of the Weird, If, and Space variety (not to mention Amazing!) but the covers are worth looking at by themselves. The Pulp Magazine Archive is like a box of chocolates… you can’t eat read just one!

If_Worlds_Of_Science_Fiction_v01n06_Quinn_Jan_1953_Gorgon776_0000Space_Science_Fiction_v01n02_1952-09 (1)Science_Fiction_Adventures_v02n01_Future_Dec_1953