On the Road Again

I’m traveling this weekend. Will probably have no internet, and given past experience, might not have phone, either. How… refreshing.

In the meantime, I’m up at the Mad Genius Club today with a guest post from a librarian known as the Overgrown Hobbit. Ever wanted to know how to market a book to a large library system? She’s got the low down for you.

Yesterday ( I think. Days are starting to blur into one another) I was asked what my four favorite books are. Only four? Um… off the top of my head, that would be:

Glory Road Kim lone_star_planet-finlay ride the river


Of course, that answer might change tomorrow. Right now, the paper book I’m working on is Charles Todd’s An Unwilling Accomplice, and the ebook I am half-through is Charles Gannon’s Trial by Fire. I’ll have that one with me, but the paper will stay home on the trip, it’s a library book.

So how about you?