the Wonders of Modern Technology

calc graph
Oh look, a graph…. It says nothing. Bleah.

You know those days where things just don’t go quite right? Well, I’m having one. The marvels of technology come with a headache.

I opted not to snippet since I haven’t been working on Jade Star, and it needs work, my beta readers told me. I haven’t been working on any thing else because I’m approaching the first wave of exams, and homework has been priority.

At this moment, I’m peeved with Texas Instruments because the TI 84, which I must use for class, there being no way to allow use of the *good* calculators like MathLab Pro (an Android app) in exams without cheating happening. So I’m stuck with this expensive, frustrating, annoying, irksome…. Argh! Anyway, they sent it with cables. One is a USB to mini USB configuration, and the other one is a mini-to-proprietary tip. I’m staring at them and the female connector on my calculator, which visually matches the proprietary tip, trying to figure out WTH? I’m supposed to do to connect this thing to the computer… Which I must do, because the calculator does not come with the possibly most-used program for displaying pre-calc, calculus, and trig functions properly, the radical. ()&(&^*&%^&*

Finally I just mashed the mini-tip in, which went without too much friction, and the computer recognized it. Huh. Whaddayaknow?

Now I’m off to install yet more single-use programming on my computer. And I wonder how I wound up with nasty malware… At least this one isn’t like the monstrosity I need for Math homework. Wolfram CDF occupies 3gb of space on my disk. So I can do homework.

Which I had better go do now.