Kitchen Musings

It’s my day over at the MGC and I was doing housework and let the blog slip my mind… sorry.

I am working on a cooking project, have happily made my house cleaner, and helped my honey with a honey-do from his list (which didn’t go smoothly, but then, these things never do!). I’ve got homework to concentrate on, so I don’t have free time, just time to do a few different things. I find cooking very relaxing. There’s something terribly satisfying about creating a delicious dish. It’s not even the eating of it, although I enjoy that.

Vintage Kitchen
A Kitchen, old-school.
(photo taken at the High Desert Museum in Bend, OR)

I was thinking about contentment while I was cleaning the kitchen. I was moving stuff around, working at making a better layout for prep and photography with the limited space we have, and wishing wistfully for a beautiful kitchen to take pictures in. Mine is functional, but rough around the edges. I have no intention of sinking the money and time into making it into a showpiece. For one thing, we plan to move before too long, into a larger place. This place is small and cozy – and we’re happy here. But the reality is that we’d never planned to stay here for the rest of our lives.

Camp Kitchen
Hey, it could be this sort of kitchen. Which is beautiful in it’s own way, but oh! a lot of work.

Another reason not to spend money on it is… why? It’s a little kitchen, and quirky, and not at all photogenic, but it works. Right now ‘it works’ is just fine. Later, when life is more settled and my children are well started, I can think about making the details happen. By then, we won’t be here. So. For now? I’m content. I can and do cook wonderful meals . I can take pretty pictures, just not with a wide angle. Focusing on the food, focusing on getting through the immediate future. Taking problems one at a time, and not borrowing more.

Bread & Cookies
A Few of my favorite things…

Content to be here, now, smelling the Apple Cake baking and contemplating the coffee gurgling in the pot.

I’ll worry about the house when there is no more homework to be done. So… about a year from now!

5 thoughts on “Kitchen Musings

  1. Don’t sweat about the wide-angle shots – the kitchen is a proper kitchen when the honey comes in and says “Mmm… Is that apple cake I smell?”

    OK, now I’ve been nice. WHERE IS THE RECIPE?!

      1. Ah, yes, very good. A way to use up excess applesauce when the pork loin runs out.

        (Applesauce being one of those things I do “industrial” batches of…)

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