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Curmudgeon Reviews: Steelheart

Steelheart (Reckoners Book 1) by Brandon Sanderson A review written by Sanford Begley I think I owe Brandon Sanderson an apology, though I’ve never met him. I have avoided his books like the plague because in my opinion he couldn’t write an ending. I am happy to be proven wrong. This is the first book… Read More Curmudgeon Reviews: Steelheart

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And the books lie in mouldering heaps

I was noodling around on the net and ran across a book last night. As I downloaded it, because it’s a Project Gutenburg book (free!), looks interesting, and I might read it, something occurred to me. We keep hearing that the book as a form of entertainment is dying. I know people who proudly proclaim… Read More And the books lie in mouldering heaps

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It’s all Literature

From the Encyclopedia Brittanica: “Deriving from the Latin littera, “a letter of the alphabet,” literature is first and foremost humankind’s entire body of writing; after that it is the body of writing belonging to a given language or people; then it is individual pieces of writing.” It is only within that broad generalization that we see… Read More It’s all Literature

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Eat This While You Read That: Lou Antonelli

When I asked Lou Antonelli for a story and a dish, he did something no other author has… he paired a story with the dish. Irredenta, which you can read here for free, is set on a colony world which has roots reaching back to Old Earth’s northern Italy. Perfect to read while you cook… Read More Eat This While You Read That: Lou Antonelli