Deep Breath

I’m plunging into another whirlwind week of work and homework. This weekend got very busy, and unfortunately blog updates will continue to be irregular – I’m just running out of time. I’ve had to choose between homework (top priority), working on writing/editing for the upcoming release, and the blog. The blog got the short end of the stick.

Yes, I did just say there will be an upcoming release. No, it’s not a novel. I also don’t have a precise date yet, I’m waiting on everything to come together before I make any hard-and-fast announcements. I am hoping to have it out before Christmas, though. Around and after Christmas, once the school semester is over, that’s when I’m hoping to finish a novel.

And now, I need coffee, to study for a Physics exam, and to take another jab at rewriting equations until I can apply L’Hopital’s rule to them. Onward!

Warp Resonance
The cover for the upcoming project… a collection of my science fiction stories.

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