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A Matter of Scheduling

I am in the throes of getting ready for Finals – the first exam is tomorrow afternoon – and have about three projects due tomorrow and tonight. So this will be brief.

The First Reader asked me when I came in from Math class, after I’d informed him I will be eating, drinking, and breathing calculus all weekend, what my Spring schedule looks like. So I went through the semi-annual ritual of printing out my class schedule and hanging it next to his desk. I also put it on my calendar (I use google calendar to keep my life in line) for the first time. I’d looked at the classes before, of course, but only with an eye to avoiding conflicts. I hadn’t looked at them in the entirety of this-goes-here-and-then-that.

Suffice it to say that Wednesdays this spring will be a bit challenging. I’m still only taking 17 credit hours, which translates to 20 actual hours in classrooms and labs, and about 45-60 hours of homework outside class. Yes, it’s a touch more than ‘full-time’ but it means I graduate on schedule in Dec 2016. That’s the goal.

These faces, on the other hand, are why I’m pushing myself so hard.

If there is no other reason, I intend to show them that hard work is how to achieve your goals. Never give up, never surrender!

Bodwell Tree Farm
Tree-huggers! They love their tree
Reading and relaxing
Reading, of course!
Kids on steps
They are the reason I work hard.

3 thoughts on “A Matter of Scheduling

  1. Yep, those are the faces that keep you going every day.

    (BTW, I’d seen your kids here before – but those prove you aren’t quite as old as me. My youngest is over in Pendleton for Marine boot right now; and he went in right after his 20th birthday. So you aren’t quite a whippersnapper – although I would have had to start rather young to have you as a daughter.)

      1. So… I would have been 16. Not that terribly young for our ancestors, actually.

        But a good thing that I had grown up a lot more when mine began to come. I shudder at how terribly I would have done at that age.

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