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Restaurant Review: Cincinnati’s Brew House

We had the opportunity recently to get together with a friend in Cincinnati and he recommended we meet up at the Brew House. Since this was more about getting together and the conversation than the food, I wasn’t really thinking about it at first. The Brew House is an inconspicuous, blocky building that had plenty of parking on a mid-week afternoon. The entrance felt a bit like we were walking in the back door, and we may have. Once we were inside I realized that the street entrance was probably the better introduction to the place, but we’d followed the sign in the door we came in by. Finding our friend quickly in the small dining room, we sat and started talking.

Ohio River-2
I had the fish tacos. The cheese was mystifying – you don’t combine fish and cheese! – but the seasoning on the fish was wonderful. These were not traditional fish tacos but I didn’t care (and didn’t eat the cheese)

The beer list was truly impressive but I was driving and won’t touch the stuff, and the First Reader reluctantly decided that he needed to eat before beer – and then didn’t have room for beer after food. The food menu was short – printed on a piece of regular printer paper – but had options you don’t often see in restaurants around here. The decisions about what to get weren’t easy, especially as we were talking more than looking at menus. I should have taken more pictures!

The ambiance of the Brew House is, well, there isn’t one. We don’t mind a hole in the wall, but this place was rather a dive. I was amused and interested at the eclectic art on the walls, everything from what looked like Nyan Cat to button art to a rather nicely done acrylic of Koi. The bar was empty at that time of day, but given their website boasts about the jukebox I don’t think we’ll be returning in the evening at all. We like to be able to hear the table conversation.

Ohio River-1
The First Reader’s New Orleans Muffaletta doesn’t look like much, but packs a flavor punch, and may be the only way he likes olives, to his surprise.

The overall impression is that the food was surprisingly good considering the way the place looked. The conversation with our friend was terrific, and after our meal we headed over to Eden Park so I could take pictures of the Ohio River. It’s less than a mile to the park from the restaurant, and I want to go back on a warmer day (it was mid-thirties and breezy) and walk. There were some gorgeous architectural examples I’d love to photograph.

Eden Park
Looking east at the Ohio River below the Eden Park overlook.

I was grateful that we followed our friend up to the overlook, we might not have found it without his guidance. The park is rather large, I understand, and we made some odd twists and turns to find the spot.

Ohio River
Looking across the river at Kentucky.
Ohio River Bridges
Looking upriver to the bridges that connect Ohio to Kentucky.

It was a very pleasant time, and one we will repeat in the Spring when it’s warmer but not Summer heat. Only the First Reader says we will order takeout from the Brew House rather than eating in. The food was great, the atmosphere only so-so.

Cedar Sanderson
As you can see, I was all bundled up! I’m wearing the infinity scarf I made over Finals week.