Checking In

I’m not going to write a long blog post today, and I’m not apologizing for it.

The reason is that I’m writing this morning – it’s going slow, but I’ve managed a thousand words around the morning routine (the dog’s, not mine, which can be accomplished at the keyboard mostly. Hers involves about six trips to the back door to let her in, and out, and in… you get the idea). Given that it’s taken me darn near a month to gear up into solid writing production, I’m going to take the momentum and run. I need this. Yesterday saw about 3500 fresh words. Today I want to top that.

I’m fighting my desk right now. Where my wrists hit the keyboard and the edge of the desk hurts. I know, I’m probably supposed to hover my wrists… but I don’t. So I’m still looking for a comfortable configuration of me, and keyboard, and it’s eluding me. I’ taking frequent breaks – which is why I’m writing slowly. And why you’re getting this blog post as choppy as it is.

I also got good feedback from an alpha reader – there aren’t pacing issues with this story. I’m greatly relieved, as I didn’t hit the first major action sequence until 25K words, almost a quarter of the way into the story. Buoyed up by that, I’m surging forward with it. Funny how mental concerns and reservations can hold us back so much.

But I’m rambling. I think I’ll look up that recipe for old-fashioned ice cream, so I can have time to cook and cool before dinner tonight. I don’t know if I’ll be able to eat it, but it’s my way of making up to the First Reader for how grouchy I’ve been. Trust me, it’s not easy to live with a blocked writer!

This story is still an egg... But it's developing!
This story is still an egg… But it’s developing!