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At the junction of Science and Motherhood

One of life’s little joys – and there are many such joys in my life, even the small, strange ones I can’t explain – is talking to my children about what I’m doing, and learning. I anticipate that continuing even when I’m not actively in classes. Learning doesn’t end when school does. Which is why… Read More At the junction of Science and Motherhood

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Water is wet, the Sky is Blue, I’m Busy…

I should probably have tried to make that rhyme, but instead I’ll leave you with some photos. I have to run the girls to school, and then make my boy his breakfast and pack his lunch and… and later today I have a quiz over the last 40+ trees we identified recently. Her quizzes are… Read More Water is wet, the Sky is Blue, I’m Busy…

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The EHEH Korean Restaurant

A while back, cut off from our favorite Korean place by a staff holiday, we tried out an Emergency Holographic Korean Restaurant, and deemed it good, but not as good as our favorite. Yesterday, on our date night, we discovered what the First Reader deemed the Emergency Holographic, Emergency Holographic Korean Restaurant. Cumbersome, but it works.… Read More The EHEH Korean Restaurant