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This is an experiment, I am dictating this post using Dragon NaturallySpeaking microphone which is an app I use on my phone, and it syncs with my desktop as I am speaking. I’ve already had to go back and correct the word app and so evidently that doesn’t work very well. Also as I currently do not possess a unidirectional microphone the dog making noises adds an interesting little cachet to dictation. Sanford suggests he should play the stereo. Overall the dictation works fairly well, I just have to remember to enunciate clearly and not slur my words. I seem to have either a slight speech impediment I was unaware of, or it just could be this microphone, or it might just be Dragon naturally. The other problem I’m having is that it was crashing on Mike desktop while I was trying to set it up. If that continues to be an issue that I may abandon the whole thing despite having sunk $90 into this software.

Sometimes business is like that, you make a little investment and it doesn’t work out. Also I feel like I just need to keep talking and talking, instead of sitting here for a little while thinking before I add words to the post. At that it’s not nearly as awkward as trying to dictate a story; I’m not much of a storyteller. Being a writer is not the same thing as being a storyteller, I’ve known some master storytellers both professional and otherwise (that would be the first reader) and I would not include myself among them. However this is definitely a good way to put a lot of words on the screen very quickly, when your typing speed is roughly 45 words per minute as mine is. I’ve known legends who could type hundred and 20 words per minute, but I just can’t make my fingers fly that fast.

I know I need to finish up the Inktober series, I did indeed draw or paint all 31 days of October which was fun, and I am doing Huevember which is 30 days of painting in the specific colors for the month of November. However I will not be holding myself to doing it daily because writing is more important currently than the visual arts. Of course if I can sell some paintings and drawings, that would probably change my priorities, however I can reliably sell stories and I cannot art right now. I will try to photograph and close the Inktober series maybe this weekend. It requires good light and that means outside and that means not raining which it is currently. Or, well it was earlier anyway.

Well back to the word minds with me I need to train Dragon to recognize Siberian tribal names, so much fun. And words from fairytales like leshy and Rusalka, oh goody got them already! Now I need to train it on elf and fairy and pixie.

8 thoughts on “Dragon Speaking

  1. That’s not bad. You’re at your desktop, taking time to make corrections. I know that’s frustrating now, but I think it will pay off as Dragon learns.

    I dictate in my Jeep, and into a recorder, so I can’t make immediate corrections. There might be a way to correct after the fact; but I’m not interested in getting it perfect, just a really good first draft. So my sessions aren’t as clean as this. I just transcribe into DragonPad and then paste into Word.

    There’s a pretty good $20 microphone I can recommend, and a GREAT $180 microphone; but if you’re getting results this good, I’ll bet pretty good is all you need.

  2. I got Dragon for our long trip earlier this year, and didn’t use it for several reasons. I haven’t even gotten it out here at home, because I can just see what I would get with Juniper hovering over me doing her scratched record imitation on one side, and Pippa talking to herself on the other side (she’s in the kitchen/living area, but it’s only maybe fifteen feet from my desk)!

    1. This is where the $180 microphone comes in, if you can justify the cost. I made a recording during a concert in a park. It wasn’t like a stadium with giant speakers, but it was a concert. With the Sennheiser mic, you can’t hear the music, no matter which way I turned my head. The mic is highly directional, and it was pointed at my mouth. Everything else gets diminished or eliminated.

      But you have to justify that $180 cost. It wasn’t easy for me.

    2. I don’t know about the super expensive headphones, but you might try a unidirectional microphone with it, and see. And then there would be three people talking to themselves in one small house!

  3. It’s probably easier to train your speech recognition system to recognize unusual words than it used to be to train copy editors to do it!

  4. I record myself often for musical performances, and anytime there is a talking intro, I seem to myself to be speaking something of, not exactly a lisp, but I don’t know how else to describe — a bit mushy anyway. I think we all have more, unless we got good elocution training somewhere in our lives.

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