Slipping By

Where has the time gone? I’m not going to be on the blog much for the coming week, I’m afraid. I’ll try to come up with some posts, but I’m facing a very busy time for a while. This is good! Just means that the blog is going to be quiet.

I shared a memory on social media today, a joke my Dad told me and I wrote down six years ago today. I can’t believe it’s been six years, and yet it seems like so very long since I lived in New Hampshire. Time is just slipping by. It’s been a year since I left college, a year since I started working in this new career field I fought so hard to gain entry to. I’m facing changes, but good ones. In six years I’ll look back at this year, when so many things happened – some I can’t even imagine at this moment – and I’ll feel about it like I do now looking back at 2012.

One thing the blog does give me is a bit of a personal journal. I have tried, over the years, to not make this blog all about me. But inevitably, because I express myself most comfortably in written words, I put myself out here on the ‘net. Not always safe, perhaps, but I can’t help it. I’m just me, and with all that I’ve written here, I can look back into what is now the misty past and revive memories of… bad jokes. Baby pictures. Family events. Books arriving on the scene after months or years of effort behind the scenes. So much has slipped by, and shaped me, and the blog, into what it is today.


3 thoughts on “Slipping By

  1. We now have, with blogs, the ability to live on, as people, as personalities, our descendants that we will never meet.Your great-great-great grandchildren will be able to know (and be proud of) you at a level never remotely possible for me to know my forebears several generations prior. That alone will make every one of your “trivial” personal posts an item to be treasured.

      1. You make me laugh. AND you seem to discount Google’s appetite for suckin up every free electon in the Multiverse. I’ll bet you that you can let all your domain names, etc., lapse, and a decade from now every page you’ve written will be found with a simple search of “Cedar Sanderson.” You think Amazon is gonna quit selling “Pixie,” or “Dragon,” just because you have shuffled off this mortal coil?

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