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The Brioche Formula

The First Reader and I were sitting and chatting the other day, planning for a Sunday morning breakfast with friends, which we would host. He wanted to serve pork chops and French toast. Oh, I said, I’ll make up brioche for the French toast, it’s so nice for it. Which led to to us talking… Read More The Brioche Formula


Sowing Seeds

And this isn’t a metaphor, it’s what I did today. I did a lot of other things too. It was a good day, and I’m tired at the end of it.  It started, though, doing one of the things I love best, sitting on the porch with my First Reader, watching the sun come up… Read More Sowing Seeds


Books, Books!

First up, the latest in the Postcards series. Postcards from Foolz was prompted during Foolzcon this April.  I do most of the illustrations for these, and it is so fun to do the layout and see what stories came from the images I sent out as prompts. Plus, I had a lot of fun with… Read More Books, Books!

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A Mother’s Purpose

I started on this journey twenty-four years ago, plus a few months. With the birth of my first child, I knew my life had been inalterably changed, and it was wonderful. What I never thought about, through the years of having four children grow from babies to active children to teens and then into adulthood,… Read More A Mother’s Purpose


A new start

So I did a video of my garden, a little walking tour of it as it is now. With all the mess and imperfections and work that needs to be done…  It’s a start. Starts aren’t meant to be perfect, if you make it perfect before you begin you’ll never begin, and you will have… Read More A new start

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Bug Safari

I had promised myself that if I got through the editing and uploaded the working files for the upcoming book (Postcards from Foolz, due out from Raconteur Press this coming Friday) that I’d put a macro lens on the camera and go prowl the garden for a while.    The thing about the lens I… Read More Bug Safari



I had a gloriously geeky evening on Thursday. I’ve been taking the Master Naturalist class, so my Thursday evenings have been devoted to a lifelong fascination with the world around me. Lectures on botany, mycology, geology, and more… I’ve missed this kind of learning. So I showed up to the classroom where the class is… Read More Fascinations



I’m not terribly good at birds.  Today I went on a birdwalk with other naturalists, and it was a lot of fun (plus being good exercise) because I was learning things the whole time. One of the things I already knew: I’m pants at identifying birds, especially when I can’t see them. Birdsong remains a… Read More Observations