Book Lists

I make lists of books. They aren’t all my ideas – I crowdsource the titles suggested by using social media to ask for help. I can’t possibly read all the books, no matter how hard I try, so the best way to get a strong list of recommendations is to pool the minds of many readers. 

Someone asked if I could please make a list of the lists, and it was a good idea, so with no further ado, here’s the list of lists. 

Strong Women in Science Fiction: Book List

Boys Read Too! The Modern List

Boys Read Too! The Step-up List

Boys Read Too! The Classics List

Where Science Meets Magic

A List for Love in Books (not romance-centric)

Fierce Old Women Book List

The Starter List of Science Fantasy

The Great Big Handy-Dandy MHI Group Book List

Top 100 Military Science Fiction Books

A List of Books for Big Boys

A List of Books for Big Girls

18 Hard Science Fiction Books

Damsels Who Can’t be Bothered to be Distressed

Children’s Book Recommendations