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Decadent Pumpkin Bread

It took me a while to name this recipe. Pumpkin bread doesn’t adequately cover what I’ve done here. I didn’t think that ultimate supreme tasty rich or the First Reader’s contribution of WalCranPumpkin Cheesecake Bread! was quite right, either. I took a fairly basic quickbread recipe and made it into something much more… no, refined isn’t… Read More Decadent Pumpkin Bread

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Vintage Kitchen: Gingerbread Banana Shortcake

This recipe was submitted by a reader, Peter Budd, or rather he sent me a pdf booklet of his great-grandmother’s family recipes. I scrolled through it, seeing several options, and then decided that given the season, this one was a good choice. That, and it’s not a flavor combination I would have chosen on my… Read More Vintage Kitchen: Gingerbread Banana Shortcake

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Vintage Kitchen: Blackberry Flummery

A while back, my mother-in-law, the remarkable woman who bore and raised my First Reader, gave me a precious gift. We had been talking about this series, where I’m cooking from old cookbooks, some of which were originally my great-grandmothers, grandmothers, and mom’s books. She got up and marched into her kitchen, pulled this book… Read More Vintage Kitchen: Blackberry Flummery

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Vintage Kitchen: Mushroom Dream

Week three of cooking through my heirloom antique and vintage cookbook collection, and I’m serving up a recipe that made my First Reader’s eyes light up when he saw it. He loves anything that calls for mushrooms. This recipe comes from the 1929 International Cook Book, and you can find some of the contributors in… Read More Vintage Kitchen: Mushroom Dream

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Vintage Kitchen: Glazed Honey Rolls

Welcome to the second week of Vintage Kitchen, where I’m making recipes from old cookbooks. Some of them are family heirlooms, some are not. This week, I pulled a recipe for breakfast out of the cookbook my Great-Grandma Ella left me when she passed away. The cookbook reminds me of her kitchen, and the things… Read More Vintage Kitchen: Glazed Honey Rolls