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Vintage Kitchen: Mushroom Dream

Week three of cooking through my heirloom antique and vintage cookbook collection, and I’m serving up a recipe that made my First Reader’s eyes light up when he saw it. He loves anything that calls for mushrooms. This recipe comes from the 1929 International Cook Book, and you can find some of the contributors in… Read More Vintage Kitchen: Mushroom Dream

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Vintage Kitchen: Glazed Honey Rolls

Welcome to the second week of Vintage Kitchen, where I’m making recipes from old cookbooks. Some of them are family heirlooms, some are not. This week, I pulled a recipe for breakfast out of the cookbook my Great-Grandma Ella left me when she passed away. The cookbook reminds me of her kitchen, and the things… Read More Vintage Kitchen: Glazed Honey Rolls

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Vintage Kitchen: Making Antique Recipes in a Modern Era

I’m writing this in the science fiction present – the twenty-first century. The year is 2017, and while we may not have flying cars, personal jetpacks, or portals that instantly pop us out anywhere in the world we want to be, I do have a microwave, digital oven, the world-wide-web on my personal tablet with… Read More Vintage Kitchen: Making Antique Recipes in a Modern Era