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Heigh ho, Heigh Ho

Oh, wait, wrong dwarves. I woke up this morning to my mother having shared this medley of Tolkein songs, performed acapella, and, well, it’s fun! But before that, my husband invited me to sit outside in the pre-dawn dark with him. Ohio being Ohio, it’s currently in the mid-60s, rainy, and positively balmy out there.… Read More Heigh ho, Heigh Ho

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Curmudgeon’s Corner: Ethical Programming?

Written by Sanford Begley The murder of five police officers and the wounding of nine others was ended through use of a remote bomb detonation device erroneously called a robot by the mainstream media. Drone would have been a much more accurate word, but we must allow for the lack of knowledge and intelligence among… Read More Curmudgeon’s Corner: Ethical Programming?

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Spams, Scam, Bologna, and other Fried Emails

So this post has nothing to do with food. Just sayin’ so you know before you keep reading and don’t find a recipe. But if you are curious about spammy emails and how to spot them, read on. If you’re familiar with this blog and my philosophy, you know that I consider myself a content… Read More Spams, Scam, Bologna, and other Fried Emails