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Monoculture, Agriculture, Permaculture

Continuing on the theme of talking about food, farms, and cultivation methods, I wanted to settle down on my soap box and talk about one of my favorite things. I grew up with parents who were very interested in gardening, producing our own foods, preserving it.. in other words, quite old-fashioned and what would now… Read More Monoculture, Agriculture, Permaculture

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Curmudgeon’s Corner: Rural Vs Urban

Written by Sanford Begley Rural vs Urban: Who Looks Ahead? I started making breakfast this morning, I had a craving for gravy and biscuits. I started the oven preheating and opened the refrigerator to get out ingredients. No milk! For much of my life I have lived in rural areas and that would have meant… Read More Curmudgeon’s Corner: Rural Vs Urban

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Farm Wife

Earth’s grand eruption of life blossoms and grows anew green shoots, pink petals promise fruit.  Farm wife tends lavish gardens Back bent painfully Rewards reaped for hoeing long.  Earthy woman all day through Vital lover’s kiss greets night’s darkness with passion. Sleep comes suddenly to her His shoulder under cheek Her lashes flutter down softly. … Read More Farm Wife