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Curmudgeon’s Corner: Pride

This is a repost, the article originally appeared at the Otherwhere Gazette two years ago.  Cedar’s note: this post engendered a lot of discussion, much of it from failing to read carefully: the First Reader is talking about the church as a political entity, not as a body of people. There’s a comment on the… Read More Curmudgeon’s Corner: Pride

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Curmudgeon’s Corner: I Miss Newspapers

Written by Sanford Begley I miss newspapers. Yeah I know, they still exist. In fact it was seeing one the other day that brought this on. There was an article on the drought this summer comparing it with historical norms and detailing local conditions. That type of article is what I miss. Well that and… Read More Curmudgeon’s Corner: I Miss Newspapers

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Pavlova: A Sweet Cloud Confection

I had the privilege of attending a friend and fellow author‘s citizenship ceremony this last month, which was an amazing thing to see. Those of us who are born into it don’t think enough about the privileges we take for granted. The individual liberties, freedoms, and responsibilities we bear. It is our solemn duty to… Read More Pavlova: A Sweet Cloud Confection