Mixed Company

Good morning… it’s my day to post over at Mad Genius Club, and you will find my thoughts on old fashioned or misused idioms at Not For Mixed Company .

I’m working this afternoon, iwth a weather eye on the storm that is supposed to come in. I’m actually half-hoping we do get snowed in, I really need to get soemt writing done and get Trickster Noir restarted, since I had stopped for finals.

In the meantime, I haven’t had coffee yet, becuase the dog woke up full of vim adn vinegar and wants to play – or she sits at my elbow whining piteously. Tug of war while sipping very hot coffee is not a game I’m willing to play.

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  1. I feel your pain. My darling man brought a cup of tea to me in bed, where I was supposed to be elevating my knee and not moving it – but there is no good way to handle hot tea and a cat who really wants to attack your hand right now, whether it’s under the covers and ready to initiate the game or not.

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