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Pressing Restart

Cedar Sanderson in Ohio
Looking for Rainbow’s End

I’m trying to get my writing restarted after the move. This morning I had an amusing moment when I opened my email and found that Amazon was recommending Vulcan’s Kittens to me as something I might enjoying buying. I went on to read Sarah Hoyt’s ongoing series about a novel in 13 weeks, which if you haven’t guessed, I’m not trying to finish Pixie Noir in 13 weeks any longer. I’ll be happy to get it done by the end of summer. Sarah covered this, though, talking about how life interferes, and it’s just as important to keep momentum as to hit a given time goal. That’s what I’m working toward.

This morning I managed to get a bit of my garden bed dug. Only about 2×3′ section, but it was the hard part, close to the steps, where some shrubs had been growing until he bought the house, and they were regrowing. So in order to put the bed in there, I had to dig around them, then cut them off below soil level to hopefully kill them permanently. Given that it’s rising to 90 today, I didn’t want to work on it too long, so once I’d finished the shrubs off, I stopped. The writing is going to be like that, I think.

I’ll have to push myself, a sentence at a time, until it clicks and my story starts flowing again. It’s hard, but once I’m past the gnarly roots and stumps, the work will get easier. At least, until it gets harder again. I’ll set aside an hour a day, at first, maybe later once my Nest is more tidy, a few hours. And I’ll hack at the roots until I make it back into the nice crumbly action bits of the story with Lom’s dry sarcasm sounding loud and clear in my inner ear.

In the mean time… if you haven’t already bought one of my stories, support your hard-weeding writer and check them out here:

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