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Cedar Sanderson
Cranky Writer wants to be alone…

My Dad gave me a mug embossed with the words “So Many Books, So Little Time” and I am beginning to feel that as I eye my growing stack of to-be-read books. And those are the visual ones, the hidden books on my kindle and phone are even greater in number, but easier to ignore or forget about there. Which means that I need to remember to look through my archives from time to time as well.  But it applies to my writing as well.

Inspired by Sarah Hoyt and David Pascoe (kilteDave) (I would link to Sarah’s advice on keeping organized, but I can’t readily find it this morning), I bought a huge piece of white board yesterday. I have dry erase pens around here somewhere… I’m going to start keeping track of stories in progress, plus planned starts, so I can, perhaps, attain some sort of schedule for releasing/writing novels and shorts over the course of a year. More importantly, perhaps, I can use it to keep track of the overarching progress of my life. I have to be careful not to let my writing get in the way of the business that makes money (Ok, more money. The writing isn’t terribly profitable yet. It will be.) and school, since those are higher priorties right now. Not to mention that there are people, in my life, and they deserve to see me, hear from me, from time to time.

I have a bad habit, or tendency, not sure which, of wanting to pour my energies into the project that has my interest. Which means the ones on the back burner are forgotten until I’m either trying to finish in a rush and not giving them the effort they deserve, or it is too late, and I have to discard them. I need to finish creating costumes for the other business, for instance, and take photos in them for the website. And I need to finish Pixie Noir, and start on the Sequel-With-no-Name for Vulcan’s Kittens.  At least I got all the bils paid this morning. Lists to keep me on track will be a very good thing.

I’m also honored to have gotten some freelance work working on cover design and editing, and that needs my attention today. It was in the mid fifties last night, I’m working on my third cup of coffee and contemplating another when I never drink more than two, and I didn’t sleep well. I’m cranky. It’s a good thing writers work alone.



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