Book Dragons


Giving old books new life as wearable art. Or hang one from your Christmas tree this season! 

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These dragons with their unique wings and tails give new life to old books. Each dragon will be different, as I’m only using broken books to create these works of art. 

The wings are pulp paper sealed to metal wings. I have personally tested the first book dragon by wearing it day in and day out for two weeks without signs of damage (taking it off at night, of course). They are water soluble, so don’t wear swimming or showering. 

Dragons can be rigged for wear as a pendant, a pin, or put on a hanging loop for use as an ornament on a tree or a rearview mirror! Dragons can also be put on a bookmark or a hairstick, just inquire about those options. This dragon is not recommended for use as a keychain, they are a little more delicate than the all-metal dragons. Velveteen gift bag included. Please make a note when ordering of how you plan to use your dragon and I will customize before shipping. 


Additional information


Dragon adapted for use as pendant.


Dragon adapted with hanging hook for tree or other display.

Ribbon Bookmark

Dragon can be used to keep your place in a book! (note: metal bookmarks are a separate listing)


Dragon can be pinned, small roll-clip pin attached at mouth of dragon.


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