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Millennicon Schedule

Cedar Sanderson

Millennicon 29 Cincinnati Ohio My Millennicon Schedule, for those of you in the Cincinnati area: Friday 8:00 pm Reading 9:00 pm moderating a panel Making Money as an Artist 10:00 pm Creative Destruction (I will be doing a presentation on destructive biology) Saturday 2:00 pm Autograph session in the lobby Sunday 11:00 am Libraries and …

One-Eyed Dragon

Cedar Sanderson

A new short story set in medieval Japan. A man retired from war, and the quiet village he set up shop in. When a strange woman comes to him for a tattoo, he reluctantly takes her money, and tries to unravel her mystery. Meanwhile, savage men threaten his newfound peace. Can there be friendship in exile, …

Human Wave Garage Sale!

Cedar Sanderson in Ohio

Guest post by Sabrina Chase, who was kind enough to organize this first collaborative effort for Human Wave authors.  The Human Wave Garage Sale When did it become fashionable for published fiction to be full of self-loathing for qualities most intelligent humans value? Where’s the adventure, the courage, the fun? We suppose it was about the …