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Review: Shorts N Stuff

I’m seriously behind in my reviews. For that matter, I’m behind in my reading. Well, reading of fiction. This summer in between writing Tanager’s Fledglings, art, life, and other stuff, I’ve been reading such scintillating material as Molecular Biology of the Cell: Fifth Edition. I’ve also got my biochemistry and invertebrate zoology books. So yes,… Read More Review: Shorts N Stuff

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Review: Son of the Black Sword

I was talking to a fellow writer the other day about whether or not there is a market for a ‘thinking man’s fantasy.’ We were specifically talking about that sub-genre, Sword and Sorcery, the genre made famous by the likes of Conan the Barbarian, and oft-mocked as being ‘thud and blunder’ rather than ‘blood and… Read More Review: Son of the Black Sword

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Eat This While You Read That: Michael Hooten

Both the First Reader and I have enjoyed Michael Hooten‘s Cricket series very much, finding them to be high fantasy without over-reliance on tropes and thus refreshing to read. His characters are lively, so it came as no surprise to find a note appended to the recipe he sent me. The book we recommend for… Read More Eat This While You Read That: Michael Hooten

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Curmudgeon Reviews: Cricket Trilogy

Written by Sanford Begley Michael Hooten has a trilogy about a Celtic Bard. The trilogy is named Cricket’s Song. It starts with A Cricket Learns to Sing moves through A Cricket At Court and finishes with The Cricket That Roared. It is a YA but don’t let that stop you. The story follows a destined lad… Read More Curmudgeon Reviews: Cricket Trilogy