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Curmudgeon’s Corner: Breakup Counseling

Written by Sanford Begley Breakup counseling, should it be a thing? A young couple I know is going through a breakup. Not quite a divorce because they never married and were only together for a few years, but a hell of a lot more than the typical date for a few weeks or months and… Read More Curmudgeon’s Corner: Breakup Counseling

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Written by Sanford Begley                                                             BLESSED BY THE GODS   For many of my friends 2015 has been a horrible year that they are eager to see the back of. I too have had some rough patches this year, the death of friends, the deterioration of health of family and loved ones, job problems and financial… Read More Blessed

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Guest Poetry: I Remember

I remember Invincibility I remember Eating everything I remember The fear in the eyes when we entered a buffet I remember Inexhaustibility I remember Celebrating every day I remember Three hours sleep was more than enough I remember Fearlessness I remember Walking Tall I remember Winning every fight, every game I remember Romance I remember… Read More Guest Poetry: I Remember