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Indie Authors are Alive and Thriving

Author Earnings is back! I’ve been spending a few moments this morning trying to geek out over the new and improved dataset – it’s the bomb, it really is! – while helping kids get ready for school. I’m seriously excited over this report, which has been nine months in the making. If you’re an author,… Read More Indie Authors are Alive and Thriving


In the Shadows

September 2015 Author Earnings report is out!  Indie self-published books: And then at the top of the graph, in various shades of blue, we have indie self-published books. For simplicity, in this series of charts, we’ve included uncategorized single-author-publishers (who are basically all unconfirmed, low-selling indies) in the indie category. In 2015, we began tracking in our reports which… Read More In the Shadows

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2nd Annual Indie Author Labor Day Sale

A curated list of authors selected works and put them on sale, just for readers like you. If you’ve been waiting for the next fun read, or for a reason to Read Indie, this is that time. All the books are priced between $2.99 and $0.99, affordable ways to explore new worlds. You will find… Read More 2nd Annual Indie Author Labor Day Sale

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An Unusual Review: Solutrean Atlantis

As is my normal custom, I purchased this book with the intention of reading for review. I acquired Solutrean Atlantis: Chapters 1-8: Sample Chapters from Amazon, an estimated 77 pages for the sum of $2.99. I will admit freely that I acquired a copy of the book knowing that there were problems, and it was and… Read More An Unusual Review: Solutrean Atlantis