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Double-Edged Sword of the Apocalypse

There are days that I can say and mean it from the bottom of my heart: science is scary. This is true on every day, of course, but it rarely impinges on my day-to-day reality. Kids, dogs, husband, work, writing… and then there are the science journals. The headline of this article caught my attention… Read More Double-Edged Sword of the Apocalypse

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Review: Shorts N Stuff

I’m seriously behind in my reviews. For that matter, I’m behind in my reading. Well, reading of fiction. This summer in between writing Tanager’s Fledglings, art, life, and other stuff, I’ve been reading such scintillating material as Molecular Biology of the Cell: Fifth Edition. I’ve also got my biochemistry and invertebrate zoology books. So yes,… Read More Review: Shorts N Stuff