An Art Diversion

This series of absurdities was inspired by, but not a direct response to, the weekly prompt post over at More Odds Than Ends.  The idea I had in mind was to portray an eldritch being at his leisure. We all need hobbies, for rest and relaxation.  I opted not to insert styles with any of… Read More An Art Diversion

Naturalist, Photos

A Naturalist Observes

One of the things I’ve been doing this year has been working towards becoming a Texas Master Naturalist, and I’m halfway there. I’ve completed the training class, and I am working on the volunteer hours that will eventually have me certified as a Master Naturalist. The thing is, it’s not a lot different than what… Read More A Naturalist Observes

Cooking, Recipe

Blushing Jenny: Cocktail

In my playful pursuit of cocktail recipes, I’m making things up out of my liquor cabinet, and sometimes, you just have to pick a place to start. Tonight, that was Fresca. I’m really fond of grapefruit (and citrus in general) so I also have a grapefruit liqueur, Pamplemousse Rose. Which is like syrup, but has… Read More Blushing Jenny: Cocktail