It’s a quiet Saturday morning here at Stonycroft. The kids are watching cartoons, Phil is in Amherst performing a magic show, and Dad has gone to the dump. I have stolen a moment in the office to launch a blog. Hard to believe that ten years ago I barely knew what the internet was, much less how to use it (or a computer). I’ve always been an old-fashioned girl. Now I get to broadcast my thoughts globally. Frightening, that.

My quiet moment is coming to an end. Glady just came in, hugged me with a big grin on her face and asked for a snack. And Johann is making inquisitive noises in the other room. I think he wants me to come feed him. Although it is hard to tell, these days. He often just wants to be cuddled. Poor little guy – still no teeth, and all his sisters had a couple by this age – he’s cutting about four at once, I think. Molars. Six months old, and already he has to be different.

It is a beautiful day out. It has been snowing for two days and the sun came out today. It sparkles and shines, and the pine trees look like a postcard. It won’t last, but it is so neat to see them frosted like a wedding cake. I went out in the woods yesterday and it was hushed and still. The snow was draped over everything like a down comforter and it was still falling. I could hear the flakes fall, it was so quiet.