Well, Johann is just not ready for solids – he perfected his gagging today and threw up while I was trying to feed him breakfast. So I’ll wait a week. I’m in no hurry. This is my last baby, I want to enjoy every moment of this. They grow up so very quickly. I can hardly believe that Glady is almost seven. She is going through such a vulnerable phase right now – alternating between mouthy and attitude and needing my attention and her Papa’s very badly. I feel like I don’t get to spend much time with her right now, she goes to school in the morning, comes home, has her snack and then needs a little quiet time; by the time she gets up, I am involved in dinner and then chivvying her through her homework is about the longest time I spend with her before bed.

On the other hand, the mornings with Pippa are precious. She is such a funny little thing. She is almost frighteningly articulate, and loves to help me when it is just to two of us. I often sit and feed Johann after we put the big girls on the bus, and read to Pip while I do. She loves her “preschool time” and likes to ask me if we can do a “project” together. She has decided that she is my official laundry helper, and I have been staying caught up with the laundry because she is very good about reminding me that I need to do it. Now if only I could get them to be so concientious sbout their room!

Phil encouraged me to write tonight, but I am so tired, I have been so tired recently. Hopefully this weekend I can catch up a little. I have so much to do, and while taking a little down time is good, being at half speed all the time is… frustrating. I am going to try to get to sleep soon. Tomorrow is going to be a long day in the office, trying to get everything caught up and prepared to go away overnight with Phil. On the other hand, I did get all the Christmas stuff put away in the under-eaves today, along with rearranging things so I can find the Easter box and the Thanksgiving box. And I made Phil potstickers. LIfe is good!