We celebrated Phil’s birthday this weekend. As always, Glady was my party planner, she decided that we should do a sports theme and have a cake with a football field on it. The girls made paper chains and other decorations, and we had a party Saturday night. We invited Sharon and Rachel and Ray and Patty, and had a big mexican dinner. I love having a fun, warm event with friends and family. We didn’t have much room, but we all sat around the table and laughed until the kids went to bed. Phil always tell me not to make a fuss over his birthday, but he appreciates it when we do. The girls love doing it, too. Sharon had the brilliant idea of making a poster for him that was the kids’ handprints with the caption “World’s Best Dad, Hands Down.”

Well, I had written more, but then my page crashed and I lost it all. Now I have no time.

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  1. I don’t get too many good ideas Cedar..although once and a while I do have a really GOOD ONE!! Glad I could share Phil’s birthday with you all! It was truly a warm, fun filled evening with everyone (my kind of Saturday night – friends, good food, and laughter)

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