A Whole Year

It seems both like so long and so little time has passed since Johann was born. For that matter, since Glady was born. I can still feel her tiny little body in my arms for the first time, and now here she is, almost shoulder height to me. We had a fun celebration for the little man, I sent out pictures by e-mail since I haven’t figured out how to do them on here yet. Boy, was he messy!

This week has been crazy. Phil has been working non-stop, particularly today, he has a three-show day today. And we have been trying to find a van to buy. I think we have a solid lead on one that is parked in a yard on 132, it took me forever to get in touch with the owner, but Phil is meeting him on Friday. *sigh* hopefully this one will work out. We want to be in our own vehicle by Monday.

Well, I have to go blow up 400 balloons, package 20+ balloon kits, mend the balloon apron (and sketch the idea for a new one), wash his shirts, socks…. and so forth.