It’s been a busy, busy week

I am telemarketing for Halloween – not my favorite task, but daycares respond better to a voice on the phone than a letter in the mail, so the phone it is. Normally, I end up in the office from 9-3:30 which is a long day to be on the phone. Poor Pippa and Johann have been missing me, too. PHil has taken over the house, the sweetheart. The last few times I’ve done this I was trying to do everything and that didn’t work.

Well, next week is going to be a repeat of this week, but right now I have to go get Phil ready to drive up to Conway in nasty traffic – he’s leaving an hour early.

The girls are all up and playng with Johann in their room – he’s discovered the joys of legos and they are all buliding happily together.

3 thoughts on “It’s been a busy, busy week

  1. I’ve missed your blog the past two weeks, but surmised (hoped) that it’s because you’ve been extra busy. We’ve just learned that your cousin, Karina, is expecting twin girls in February. Her boys are 2 1/2 and 12 months, so for a short while they’ll have 4 under 3!! Happy news though. She and Jason are wonderful parents, and “seeker”, the grandma, is delighted.

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