What a morning!

everyone was trying to get out the door at once, Phil to his delayed show, the girls to school (also on delay) and Dad to work. Oh, and before they left, we had to dig 18 inches of snow out of the driveway! So it was a little nuts. Yesterday was quite a snowy day, with lots of very cold wind – a couple of pipes froze on the east side of the house, but they are ok this morning since the wind changed. It’s just Johann and I now – I have a ton of work to do so I can’t stay on the computer long. I need to clean the house since I’ve invited Nana and BoPop over on Christmas Eve. We already wrapped most of the gifts, thank goodness. I have some baking to do – not a lot, since I’m not doing a lot this year. And Office stuff, as always – especially since we’ve lost five shows to the weather this year. I can reschedule most of them to January, so they aren’t a total loss… Sigh.