Challenging Finality

In life there are so many chances to say goodbye. Sometimes we don’t mean it, not really. English is a little imprecise that way. Goodbye might mean see you later, see you tomorrow. It might mean see you next week. Rarely, in our globe-trotting, fast moving world, does it actually mean “I will never see you again”. 
Death is the exception. But death moves silently through the interstices of time, rarely waiting long enough for us to have a chance to say goodbye properly, while the soul still rests in the body and hears through the ears. Goodbyes for those of us left behind are a solace for our own selves, not for those passing through to the other side. 
Why a goodbye for the passing spirit, when their soul is released from the frailty of human flesh? Even after the clay body lies breathless the spirit yet hears. The goodbyes of loved ones are perhaps better phrased as “see you later!” There are, then, no more goodbyes, for the immortal soul stretches onward to infinity. The attenuation of time brings us all to that separation point of body and soul, a shared moment common to all men. 

This Week’s Indie Ink challenge was made by the Womanist and I challenged Stefan. I was certainly very challenged by this week’s “no more goodbyes”! I’m not entirely happy with it, but this is what tumbled out of my tired brain. 

6 thoughts on “Challenging Finality

  1. After reading this I had to go on YouTube and watch something 'happy'. For feelings to be affected in your audience you have to be a skillful writer. I won't spell it out for you 😉

  2. Beautifully written! So much conveyed here. I loved: "death moves silently through the interstices of time…" and I really like the concept of "no more goodbyes". So beautiful and hopeful in a sometimes hopeless world.

  3. Wow–Head Ant is write–it is a depressing lot this week for us Indie Inkers, isn't it? However, your brief and powerful thoughts on death and no more good byes was beautifully written, with such prose and such choice words.

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