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Farm Wife

Earth’s grand eruption of life
blossoms and grows anew
green shoots, pink petals promise fruit. 
Farm wife tends lavish gardens
Back bent painfully
Rewards reaped for hoeing long. 
Earthy woman all day through
Vital lover’s kiss
greets night’s darkness with passion.
Sleep comes suddenly to her
His shoulder under cheek
Her lashes flutter down softly. 
Season to season life runs
Hot and cold in turn
Love continues without cease. 

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Allyson challenged me with “Write a narrative constructed out of a series of haiku.” and I challenged Bran macFeabhail with “Write a pivotal moment in a personal history that swings on the most trivial occurrence. “

6 thoughts on “Farm Wife

  1. What sort of haiku are these? The syllable structure is one I am not familiar with. Granted, I work mostly with teikei fixed-form verse, but I thought the 5-7-5 format carried over to haiku in English as well.Regardless, it's very evocative.

  2. Actually, English haiku are not obligated to meet the 5-7-5 pattern.I always find that refreshing.Nice work, Cedar. This was lovely to read.:)

  3. Actually, I'd never written Haiku before. I got the syllable count backwards and was writing 7-5-7, so these are dyslexic Haiku!

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