Wildflowers in June

One of my favorite things to do is to take a walk in June, camera in hand and a child or two with me. I take pictures, they frolic, and we usually wind up at the brook dabbling our toes in the water. Yesterday was a perfect day for this. Bright blue sky overhead, green everywhere, and flowers scenting the air. Rosa multiflora is a miserable weed, but oh, does it smell good. Like roses dipped in honey, the thick, sweet perfume fills a June afternoon.

Heiracium pratense – Yellow Hawkweed


Vicia cracca – Blue Vetch


Dragonfly on Sensitive Fern


Veronica officinalis – Common Speedwell


A hoverfly perches on Blackberry blossoms. The little fly looks like a bee, but it’s a fake out… it has no sting.


Potentilla recta – Rough-fruited Cinquefoil. Named for the hairy stems and seedpods, and the five-fingered leaves, this plant is a common sight on poor soil.


Female mosquito, doing her thing and getting a protein drink. For something so individually fragile (look at those legs!) they do so much damage.