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Newsy Thing

The last 24 hours have been rather productive on the writing part of my life. Since I wear many hats, this is not always the case, although I am being good about maintaining my daily wordcount on Pixie Noir, my work-in-progress. I finally bit the bullet (now, there is an interesting metaphor, and I wonder how many still know what it means?) and formatted my novel for publication through Createspace.

I wanted to be able to bring out a print edition of  Vulcan’s Kittens, as ebooks are wonderful, and I know many who love their Kindles or other readers, but print still has a place, and will for a long time, I believe. The availability of a cost-effective print on demand service thrills me to no end, however, as you will be able to buy a shiny trade paperback of Vulcan’s Kittens for only $14.99, an unheard of price had I published with a vanity press. Of course, you will also be able to secure the ebook for only $4.99, and I plan on publishing it through Smashwords as well for fullest availability.

Which brings me to the other thing I did. I published Snow Angel through Smashwords. It took me four tries! Their process is very picky about formatting, and I had the cover formatted for a 6″x9″ cover, but it was still too few pixels for Smashwords. So those of you who were asking about my work for reading on a nook, that will be available soon. Now that I have the kinks worked out I will release the other shorts quickly. The novel will follow, but it’s a little trickier as I will have to figure out how to do the table of contents.

If you want to take a look at Snow Angel in other formats, look here.

As always, with me, or any other writer who is working on their own,  writing reviews is deeply appreciated. It’s like tipping us. You like us, pass it on to others. I always want honesty in your reviews, and honestly, they mean a lot to me.

cedar sanderson author, Vulcan's Kittens
The back cover of the print edition of Vulcan’s Kittens