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Free Story, and a Review of a Story Collection

First, this is the last day to get my story “Dwarf’s Dryad” for free. Download, share the link with your friends, and if you enjoy it, don’t forget to tip the author with a review!

Also, I plan to put all my short stories on sale, in anticipation of the upcoming release of my new novel, Pixie Noir. So if you have been holding off, the next month or so would be a good time to pick them up!

I’m reviewing a collection of short stories, myself, because I just had no time for reading. Picking up a short to read in off moments when my brain needs a break from work or school means I don’t have to re-focus on the whole plot of a novel, and it works well for me.

I have been working my way through Sarah A. Hoyt’s collection called Wings, which contains between 17-18 stories, more than enough to keep me busy for a while. From the first story, “Titan,” a compelling tale of two lads who find and commune with an ancient force, and one named Leonardo pays a great price for fame, to the noir stylings of “Stock Management” you will find this collection to be as varied as the imgination of one writer can make it. Here are monsters, lurking in the dark, with blood on their fangs, but also the sublime, of humanity, sacrificing for family and winning all. Of Shakespeare in one story, resisting the devil, and in another tale, becoming the devil incarnate to poor Kit Marlowe.

There’s more, in this compelling collection of snipped pieces of worlds that will draw you in. Some very like our regular, everyday existence, with only the winking of a difference that makes it such a surprise. Others are wildly alien, yet still the characters are always human, always living life, even in despair, in ways you will recognize. The colony world of Madrasta resonates with my recent studies in Latin America. I think that you will see I enjoyed exploring her worlds, and I highly recommend you try it, too. Every time I pick it up they suck me in, and give me a short break from reality.