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Review: Sort of

DSC03710I know, I know, I’m horrible. *covers face with hands*

I don’t have a formal review for you to read. I am going to tell you what i have been reading, and say, go get it! Why do I so cavalierly command? Well, it’s a classic, and it’s a dollar. You spend that much on a soda at lunch. Just do it.

No, not that kind of classic. This one you will like, I promise. No grey goo, turgid prose, and over-flowery descriptions here.

Click on cover icon to buy.

Inspiring heroes, strong women, spaceships, Null-ABC, action, time-travel, and the Fuzzies! What more could you ask for? Yes, I know many of his work is free, but this way you get it all in one neat, well-formatted package for your reading pleasure. You will thank me.