Happy Halloween

I am not doing NaNoWriMo this year. Instead, I plan to write a novel, and (fingers crossed) about half of another one during Winter Break. The semester ends Dec 9, and I don’t start again until January 27. Six weeks… and I do plan a week to travel up to see my family in NH right around Christmas. So, Ok, five weeks.

How would that work? Well, if I plan to write a YA novel, weighing in between 65K -80K words, then I break that into a daily word goal of (let’s give me a day off every week) 5×6=30 days writing time, that’s… approximately 2500 words a day. That is well within my ability. I have the novel plotted out, and part of chapter one written, so the groundwork is there already. I know better than to plan to write during school. I can’t this semester, and my workload is only going to increase next semester. It will be worth it in the long run, but for now, I’m a driven woman.

I did write a short story today, a historical, giving a glimpse into a specific event for a class. I may put it on the blog later, but it’s not very long. Just enough to encapsulate Camp Lazear in the aftermath of the discovery of the true carrier of Yellow Fever.


And me in costume of the day… as the Mad Librarian.

Cedar's gear face
Steampunk costume – the hat gets the most attention on campus!