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Beautiful America: Slow Food

America has a global reputation for being the land of fast food. Sure, we all do it. Life is a whirl, and sometimes you just can’t spend the time to create something truly good. But I’ve made and eaten some memorable meals over the years, with my family and loved ones. I think those memories will linger longest, after the taste is forgotten, in the time taken to express what feeding your family is all about – love.

It was hard to pick photos for this. Living on a small farm I have canned, gardened, butchered, fished & hunted… and made lots of photos of food. So here are a few that just looked good!

Bread & Cookies
I’ve baked all my life. When I am stressed, the absorbing process of cooking lets me relax, and it’s so rewarding to see the look on someone’s face as the enjoy the results.
Garden Eating
The last raspberry of the season… some food never makes it in the house!
Blueberry picking
Wild blueberries: worth the time to pick and good in any way!
Canoe harvest
The ultimate in slow food – spending hours picking wild blueberries from the canoe, gently paddling and soaking up sun in between islands.
Setting hen
This little hen was fiercely determined that we should not eat her eggs!
Rainbow Eggs
Eggs of every hue… We did get green eggs from the Araucana hens, and I know a person who refused to eat them! LOL
Maple Tapping
Slow drips of sap, then hours of boiling, and finally, the quick pour over buttery pancakes…
Campfire cooking
The New Year’s Eve Feast, prepared over a campfire, and enjoyed in a snowy New Hampshire wood with the best of company.
Campfire cooking
Steaks on the campfire: New Year’s Eve Feast in the Woods
Wild chantarelles and home-raised pork fresh as it can be.