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Writing Process

Cedar Sanderson
They look like real books…

It’s not the same for any of us, this process of creation, but I’ve found that sometimes I’ll read about what someone else is doing and it clicks for me. Over at Mad Genius Club this morning I elaborate on what I was thinking and doing as I wrote Pixie Noir, hoping that perhaps I can give my readers food for thought

And forgive the next couple of days, as they focus on this particular piece that I have been working on. Maybe years down the road, when I have dozens of novels under my belt, I will be able to be more cool and collected about a release date, but this weekend I’m a bit giddy. Almost a year’s worth of work, and this is the penultimate moment.

Oh, and for those of you who have Pixie, and want more… Trickster Noir is coming along swimmingly, I’ve gotten about a tenth of it written. The current plan is to create a trilogy, “Pixie for Hire,” and a few short stories or novellas to handle any story arcs that escape the main one. No telling if this will actually work. Life is rarely tidy, as Lom discovered when he went to bring Bella in…